Meet Our Team

  • Tim Hubbard

    Director of Operations

    Tim started his career working in the hospitality industry and has always been extremely passionate about traveling. He’s been fortunate to travel to dozens of countries and hundreds of cities across the world and now thoroughly enjoys being able to provide the opportunity for others to travel and stay at the apartments available…

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  • Jennifer Sims

    Apartment turn-coordinator and maintenance oversight

    Jennifer comes from an extensive background managing apartments and the renovation and oversight of the complexs. She has 15+ years in the industry.

  • Aj & Hilary Tarpin


    Hilary and Aj are a power couple with years of experience in the hospitality and property management industry. They ensure our Sacramento properties are exactly what a guest will expect when it comes to cleanliness, amenities, and experience.

  • Oksana Semeret


    Oksana is one of the Midtown stay originals. She helps keep our Sacramento properties in excellent condition and is always on the look out for ways we can improve the experience for our guests.

  • Mariquita Jones


    Mariquita is a Memphis Native and aside from her professionalism and attention to detail can always offer our guests great recommendations on the local market to make their experience just that much better.

  • Derek Guinn

    Head Of Memphis Maintenance

    Derek joined Midtown Stays a couple years ago and has been an invaluable resource in helping us with the renovations and set up of new properties. He runs a professional painting company as well.

  • Tiara Seymore


    Tiara is originally from Michigan but joined our team recently and does an excellent job at maintaining a number of our properties so they are perfect for our guests.

  • Kyle Donovan

    Head of Maintenance (Sacramento)

    Kyle tackles any sort of maintenance issue that pops up for our Sacramento locations and does it right the first time. He is a Sacramento native and knows what it takes to work on the historic properties of downtown Sacramento to keep them in tip top shape.

  • Amanda Han & Keystone CPA


    With over 38 years of experience in taxation and accounting, Keystone’s professional CPAs provide top-notch financial and tax solutions. Amanda Han specializes in in the real estate sector and is well versed with tax strategies typically only found with fortune 500 companies.

  • Memphis – Lynn Gardner


    Lynn A. Gardner concentrates her practice in the areas of commercial and residential real estate and secured lending. She represents individuals, corporations and financial institutions in connection with the acquisition, development, construction, leasing and financing of real estate. Her education includes; University of Mississippi, B.A. degree, University of Memphis, M.Ed. degree, and …

  • Medellin, JDG Associates


    Gutierrez Group is a Boutique Multi-Family Office specialized in providing legal advisory, investment, business, and general consulting to foreigners living and/or investing in Colombia. There excellent communication, attention to detail, and knowledge of investments and the industry have made them a huge help in navigating real estate law and business structures in Colombia as a foreigner.