Past Projects

Medellin, Colombia

The successful renovation of the first project in Medellin, Colombia took a little over four months. There is about 1450 square feet in total including the terrace which we raised the flooring, and opened up the exterior wall with a huge sliding door to allow for a seamless transition from… More Info

Bevledere Blvd, Memphis TN

This colonial building was originally built in 1912 as a monstrous single family home. Sometime over the last 100+ years it was converted in to a multi unit building providing for 8 separate apartments. Although it was converted it still maintains a lot of it’s original character including; coffered ceilings,… More Info

Jefferson Cottages, Memphis TN

Jefferson Cottages is a 12-unit community with a very central location walking distance to some of the cities best dining and entertainment options. It was perfect for a short-term rental conversion not only because of the location but because of the layout of the apartments and the complex. It’s a… More Info

ParkTown Place Condos, Memphis TN

The Parktown Place condos are an eight unit development in a townhouse style.They were originally built in 2008 with a great layout providing a private garage for each unit, two full bedrooms and one and a half baths. The first floor offers a nice size living area right off the… More Info

T Street, Sacramento CA

A couple pics from one of my earliest projects, this 4-plex on T street in downtown Sacramento was built in 60’s and after years of deferred maintenance it needed a nice overhaul. Today the property operates as a mix between short-term and long-term tenants. The surrounding area is bustling with… More Info

Winding Way, Fair Oaks CA

This single family home located in a tranquil suburb of Fair Oaks, CA was vacant and let to wrought away for several years as water poured through a hole in the kitchen ceiling, ivy took over the landscape, and the pool slowly turned in to a murky frog pond. It… More Info

23rd Street, Sacramento CA

A past project completed a number of years ago; this 1890’s historic 4-plex located in Midtown, Sacramento was ripe with opportunity but a lot of work. It’s age puts it among some of the oldest buildings in Sacramento. Over the last 120+ years it has been converted from a single… More Info