Bevledere Blvd, Memphis TN

This colonial building was originally built in 1912 as a monstrous single family home. Sometime over the last 100+ years it was converted in to a multi unit building providing for 8 separate apartments. Although it was converted it still maintains a lot of it’s original character including; coffered ceilings, colonial columns, wood floors, brick chimneys, and several fireplaces throughout the building.

Apartment 94-1

This apartment is the largest of the 8 in an older 1912 colonial building in Midtown Memphis. Two bedroom one and a half bath with high coffered ceilings and a fireplace to warm the space. The original wood floors were refinished and marble and tile floors were put in the… More Info

Apartment 92-1

250 square feet certainly isn’t a lot to work with but that doesn’t mean the space has to be “small.” Trying to make a space liveable for the long term with a little less room than the average US hotel; this project was a fun one. A simple interior wall… More Info

Apartment 92-2

This classic colonial apartment has some extra charming features that will have any guest admiring the detail and diligent craftsmanship of the colonial period. From the coffered ceilings to the original tile fireplace surround to the original wood floors, this one is jam packed with character. The renovation was mainly… More Info

Apartment 92-4

Another challenging studio renovation. The 100+ years of aging got the better of this one so it was a complete re-do. First we had to level things off which required replacing and reinforcing floor joists. Plastur walls came down, knob and tube wiring removed, insulation installed and a brand new… More Info

Apartment 92-5

This is probably the worst apartment I have ever seen since in my 10 year career in real estate. I’m not exaggerating when I say you could not breathe while you were in there. A prime example of what five cats (that don’t go outside) and 3+ years of tenancy… More Info

Apartment 92-3

Because the original building was a house, at some point when it was converted in to an apartment building 50+ years ago doors were left in random places without any purpose. We removed three doors from this small apartment which adjoined it to the common area. The bathroom shared the… More Info

Apartment 94-2

In this small one bedroom unit we were able to save most of the structure and layout aside from the bathroom. We tore out the whole bathroom because it was too small to be comfortable and pushed the rear wall back extending the space by about 30%. All new plumbing,… More Info


This unit is unique in the apartment building in that it has it’s own private access directly to the parking lot in the rear of the property giving it a more homely feel vs. entering a common building door. Although small, the numerous windows and the 10 foot ceilings really… More Info