Medellin, Colombia

The successful renovation of the first project in Medellin, Colombia took a little over four months. There is about 1450 square feet in total including the terrace which we raised the flooring, and opened up the exterior wall with a huge sliding door to allow for a seamless transition from the living area and kitchen to the outside.

The demolition started with the removal of several existing walls, one complete bedroom and one of the three showers to give more room to the master bath. The construction in most of Medellin, Colombia is brick and concrete which complicates several components of the normal renovation many of us are accustomed to in the US but as long as you plan for it things will move along smoothly.

A lot of thought went in to the lighting to allow for plenty of general, ambient, and task lighting and also the ability to control the levels and color via smart apps and Alexa. The original parquet veneered floors were replaced with a concrete styled ceramic throughout the whole apartment. The ceiling was raised up nearly three and a half feet with the help of two engineered steel beams and then brick added to fill in the height of the pre-existing walls.

Polyurethane paint was used for all of the doors, cabinetry and trim to allow for a super high gloss and durability. The master bathroom borrowed space from the hallway and another bathroom and by adding a skylight over the shower the once dark, quaint bathroom became one fit for a full-size house.