Winding Way, Fair Oaks CA

This single family home located in a tranquil suburb of Fair Oaks, CA was vacant and let to wrought away for several years as water poured through a hole in the kitchen ceiling, ivy took over the landscape, and the pool slowly turned in to a murky frog pond. It was a diamond in the rough to say the least.

After several months of planning, renovation, and careful execution it was converted in to the elegant home as it sits today. Originally built in 1990, the house had good bones but a unmistakeable 90’s look. The whole interior was literally painted pink, ruffled curtains outlined the windows and mirrors were installed in every space imaginable.

Today the property rents as a long-term rental in one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the suburbs of Sacramento. A hop and a skip to the American river that streams all the way through downtown Sacramento and a couple blocks from the quaint old town of Fair Oaks where you will find several small eateries, cafes, and antique shops. It’s perfect for entertaining with a fresh pool, spa, three patios and three separate living rooms. The attached in-law quarters offers a ton of flexibility with the property and the four car garage provides plenty of off-street parking.

It was a bit different from the usual Midtown Stay’s project (in that it’s not located in a Midtown Area) but it was a fun one and I’m proud to have it in the portfolio.