staying connected

staying connected

Jan 18, 2019

Depending on your purpose of travel, sometimes you just want to let go. No phone, no internet, no calls or emails, but let’s face it – this is often easier said than done. Many of us at least want to know that we have the ability to stay connected when we need to be and traveling often has you wondering, how will the internet speed be? Will I have phone service? What happens if I get there and it’s not how I expected or was told?

Here are my latest tips for figuring out the answers to those questions in advance, ensuring you have cell service or data no matter where you are (in the world) and what to do if you lose your phone, computer, etc.

The best world-wide cell service

  1. Projectfi from google
  2. T mobile

Discovering your internet speed ahead of time.

  1. Check your provider’s coverage areas
  2. Ask the host or accomodation
  3. Check reviews – this is often the first thing someone will say in their review

Preparing for the worst

  1. Have multiple sim cards
  2. Activate with VPN
  3. Have a “burner” phone